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COMMUNITY FUNDRAISING – CINDERELLA GOES TO THE BALL Re-energise your relationships and raise

Claire Linacre from the Albert Kennedy Trust joined us at the Kent Fundraiser’s Hub in November and inspired our audience to take a fresh look at how they approach community fundraising and community events. Often seen as the ‘Cinderella’ of the fundraising programme, Community Fundraising has finally shed her dusty rags and donned her sparkly ball gown. Forward thinking charities are realising that local individuals can be the route to new supporters, engaged ambassadors, multi – channel fundraisers and yes, serious income too. But we have to turn traditional thinking on its head. No longer should Community Fundraising be charity led, supporter enabled, with fundraisers ramming tired old ev


Back in the early 90’s when automated databases were in their infancy, I remember talking to a president of a large American airline about his journey on choosing and using a system. His side of the discussion revolved around that if he had the choice between selling his aircraft or keeping his database system he said “I can always buy more aircraft but the success of my business is down to its customers” ………. Surely a statement that resonates in the world of charities and not for profit organisations – nowhere more than fundraising. Our organisations rely on managing, cultivating and using information to make things happen and accelerate the charity’s mission. Tracking, segmenting and under

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