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Support and Mentoring
Support and Mentoring

Sometimes you just need to have a trusted and wise friend. Someone you can run an idea past, who has experience, skill and a wealth of knowledge. 


You might want a sounding board for your plans to restructure or to talk through a tricky meeting. You might want to add some extra support to a newly promoted or appointed team member - perhaps an expert set of eyes look over their draft of a newsletter, the next appeal and their department fundraising plan. Whatever the challenge, we can help. Some clients also like a monthly meeting to think through current challenges  and help them stay on track. It’s a really cost effective way of buying in some additional expertise and can be a great way of supporting a lone fundraiser too. When we support a fundraiser we proactively send them articles, blogs and reports we think will help them and include them in Fundraising Works Events.                            

Please click here to find out how we can help you.

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